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  1. Food: Gejang

    A memorable snack we ate in Korea was gejang, a famous Korean dish of marinated raw crabs. The crabs are soaked in soy sauce and chili peppers, and then left to sit and pickle for days until just the right amount of fermented. One of the best places in Seoul to get your gejang fix […]

  2. 5 Questions or Less: Virginie Danglades

    Virgine Danglades is an accomplished editor who prior to working on Kimchi Chronicles, edited for a diverse array of TV projects, from food programs, reality TV shows, to game shows. Some highlights on her resume include Bravo’s Celebrity Poker Showdown, PBS documentary Child Brides, Stolen Lives, among many more. In addition to TV, she’s worked […]

  3. Drinking Culture: Soju

      While in Korea, we took advantage of the country’s fun drinking culture and nightime camaraderie. Koreans love to celebrate a day’s hard work by indulging in various kinds of local alcohol, from soju to plum wine, makgeolli (rice wine) and more. Soju, a distilled rice liquor,  is probably one of the most popular alcoholic […]

  4. Kimchi Chronicles in Korea

    We’ve got some exciting news to share today. Kimchi Chronicles has finally hit TV screens in Korea! You can find it on the Olive Channel. Tell your friends, relatives, and neighbors! If you’re a fan from Korea, we hope you’ll watch it too! It’s English and Korean viewer friendly, with handy subtitles! Happy holidays, The […]

  5. Kimchi Chronicles Holiday Gift Guide

    There’s only five short days left until Christmas, and if you’re like us, there is still some last-minute holiday gift shopping to do. Here’s a few special items we think would be great under any Christmas tree. For the technology fiend: Samsung MV800 Digital Camera, $195 (Amazon): Capture all those special holiday memories with the […]

  6. 5 Questions or Less: Andre Baranowski

    If you’ve taken a look at the Kimchi Chronicles Cookbook, one of the first things you’ll notice is the beautiful photography. Responsible for these mouthwatering photos is Andre Baranowski, a NY-based photographer with a ton of experience in food photography. He boasts an  impressive resume, and has worked in editorial, advertising, and personal fine art […]

  7. Andong: Salted Mackerel

    Andong, the spiritual capital of Korea, is famous for many of its local specialties, from soju, jjimdak (braised chicken dish with vegetables and noodles), sikhye (rice dessert drink), and salted mackerel. Salted mackerel, called gangodeungeo, has enjoyed enduring popularity throughout the years, and is enjoyed as a snack, side-dish, and for mackerel enthusiasts, even a […]

  8. Kimchi Chronicles Contest Update

    We’ve pushed back the deadline for the Kimchi Chronicles Contest to December 31, which means you have much more time to prepare your awesome videos. We think there are many budding chefs out there yet undiscovered, and this is your chance to showcase your talent! In case you’ve forgotten, there are some pretty stellar prizes […]

  9. 5 Questions or Less: Diana Kang

    Viewers of the show will recognize Diana Kang, resident food guru and Marja’s dinner date at some of Korea’s tastiest restaurants. Aside from her pivotal role on Kimchi Chronicles, she runs a food marketing company called Wonderbox, where she works with major individuals and corporations in the food world. In short, she knows Korean food […]

  10. Street Food: Skewered Snacks

    There’s a few rules when it comes to excellent street food. First but not least, it must be delicious. Secondly, it must not break the bank. Thirdly, convenience is of the essence. Thus, in our opinion, the ultimate street food is skewered. It requires the last amount of effort, and maximizes cleanliness and efficiency. Some […]

  11. Food: Crew Dinner At Saemaeul Shikdang

    To say that there were a lot of delicious meals while filming Kimchi Chronicles in Korea is a serious understatement. From Jeonju bibimbap to freshly caught seafood in Busan, it’s hard to pick a few favorites. However, one of our first dinners in Korea ranks high on the list. Our inaugural crew dinner was held […]

  12. 5 Questions or Less: Hyunjun Kwon

    In addition to being an associate producer for Kimchi Chronicles, Hyunjun Kwon holds the titles of world traveler, home cook, and major foodie. Prior to working on the show, he produced TV commercials and documentaries. Then he traveled all around the world experiencing new cultures through their cuisine. He’s currently writing a book about his […]

  13. Kimchi Chronicles Contest: Post a Video Response

    The deadline to the contest is drawing closer, and we’d still like to see more applicants! It’s no secret that there are some crazy awesome prizes at stake, like such as a year’s supply of kimchi, and so much more. We’d love to see your videos, and in case you don’t have a copy of […]

  14. 5 Questions or Less: Julia Turshen

    Julia Turshen wears many hats: she’s a private chef, writer, producer, cookbook author and all around full-time foodie. As an associate producer and cookbook author for another PBS series, Spain… On the Road Again, she brought her considerable talent and expertise to the Kimchi Chronicles team. After traveling extensively in Korea while on location, she […]

  15. Kimchi Chronicles is on Itunes!

    Tired of waiting for your local station to air the show? Loyal Itunes fan at heart? The day has finally come, and we’re excited to announce that Kimchi Chronicles has finally arrived on Itunes! All 13 episodes are available, and better yet, the first episode, The Kimchi Chronicles Begin, is free. Now you can watch the show […]

  16. Food: Marja’s Top 5 Korean Restaurants in NY

    New York is a veritable food paradise, and its Korean food scene far from disappoints. On any given night, Koreatown is bustling with eager diners of all stripes, in search of their next delicious Korean meal. There’s hardly a New Yorker who hasn’t heard of uber-popular Korean foods like Bonchon chicken, bibimbap, and of course, […]

  17. Drinks: Bacchus-D

    Most people have experienced those days when energy levels are staggeringly low, and a jolt of energy is absolutely necessary for a second wind. In these dire situations, people who live in the U.S. tend to turn to popular energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster, and jumbo sizes of Starbucks’ Doubleshot. Korea’s equivalent is Bacchus-D, […]

  18. 5 Questions or Less: Sam Shinn

    Sam Shinn is an award winning photography director and producer  for documentaries and independent projects, and founder of Iron Eye Productions. His work has been broadcast globally on stations such as ABC, CBS, CNN, and PBS, and he is also the recipient of an Emmy Award. He brought his extensive skills over to Kimchi Chronicles, […]

  19. Social Media and Website Updates

                It’s been an exciting month for the Kimchi Chronicles on the technology front! From new blog features to a detailed travel resource, there are a few changes we’d like to share with you. Here’s a short update! WEBSITE 1. Comments: We now have commenting features on the blog. We’d […]

  20. Food: Korean School Food

    In the U.S., snacktime generally consists of juice boxes and the occasional peanut butter and jelly sandwich. In Korea, snacktime is a whole other affair, and upon visiting the Chodang Elementary School, Marja and Diana snacked upon deep-fried rolls made of noodles and carrots wrapped in seaweed. All washed down with some nutty barley tea, […]

  21. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the Kimchi Chronicles website and blog! We’ll be everything from new videos, recipes, travel tips, and even some stories and photos from behind the scenes of the TV show! Please take a minute to check out all the sections of the site and check back for updates! Also check us out on our […]