7. The Fish Chronicles

A peninsula surrounded on three sides by water, Korea is just about heaven for fish lovers.  Marja visits Sokcho, where most of her Korean family resides, to visit Dapeo port early in the morning to see the gigantic octopus come ashore and later eats a memorable meal of simply grilled shellfish in a seaside restaurant.  In Busan, the world’s 5th largest port city, Marja and her dear friend, the actress Heather Graham, eat a meal in the fish market, only rivaled by Jean-Georges’s 3-course seafood breakfast inside of Noryangjin, Seoul’s bustling fish market.  In their home kitchen in New York, Marja and Jean-Georges grill shellfish with chili and butter, fry crispy, beer-battered fish and onion rings and grill whole sea bass flavored with Korean soybean paste and rice ale.

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