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  1. Street Food: Skewered Snacks

    There’s a few rules when it comes to excellent street food. First but not least, it must be delicious. Secondly, it must not break the bank. Thirdly, convenience is of the essence. Thus, in our opinion, the ultimate street food is skewered. It requires the last amount of effort, and maximizes cleanliness and efficiency. Some […]

  2. Street Food: Gimbap

    Gimbap is essentially the Korean version of sushi, but arguably even tastier. It’s a simple roll made of rice and fillings, all wrapped in dry seaweed. It’s the ultimate street food in Korea, as ubiquitous as hot dogs are in New York. It’s not difficult to see why; it’s the ultimate convenient food-cheap, tasty, and […]

  3. Food: Dumplings

    There’s something about dumplings that gets us every time. The crispy skin, the sizzling heat, the delectable fillings…we can’t pick just one reason alone. Korean dumplings, called mandu, have a distinctive and addictive taste all their own. With thinner skin than that of Chinese dumplings and Japanese gyoza, and a variety of ways to eat […]

  4. Street Food: Our Favorite Sweet Snacks

    One of the best parts of eating in Korea involves the great outdoors–exploring open-air markets for their vast selection of delicious eats. From dragon’s beard to crispy bindatteeok, there’s just something about street food that hits the spot every time. While filming Kimchi Chronicles, a popular favorite with the cast and crew were the ubiquitous […]