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  1. Korean and Chinese Fusion Cuisine

    Korean and Chinese food fusion has resulted in a few fantastically delicious dishes, most notably, jajangmyeon, jjamppong, and tangsuyuk. These popular favorites are ubiquitous in Korea and Korean communities in the US, with entire restaurants dedicated to serving just these one or more of these dishes. Lines are expected at some of the more popular […]

  2. Food: Korean Buddhist Temple Food

    Temple cuisine is a unique dining experience in Korea. In accordance with Buddhist beliefs, temple food is primarily vegan, with a few guidelines. No artificial seasonings are included, and spices are also used very sparingly. There are 5 taboo vegetables: garlic, scallion, green onion, other onions, and wild rocambole, a type of Korean spring herb. […]

  3. 5 Questions with Chang-Rae Lee

    To say that Chang-Rae Lee is well known in the Korean American world is a serious understatement. The award winning author and Princeton professor has written 4 widely acclaimed books, and the most recent, The Surrendered, was a nominated finalist for the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. In addition to being an exceptionally talented writer, […]

  4. Jean-Georges’ Simply Chicken at Madison Square Garden

    Madison Square Garden has recently revamped its concessions stand, with the help of major chefs in New York City, including Jean-Georges Vongerichten. His new stand at the Garden is called Simply Chicken, and it’s serving a great selection of chicken-based dishes. From a chicken hot dog with kimchi relish and spicy mustard, to a grilled […]

  5. Food: Crew Lunch at Hahoe Doenjang Maeul

    When filming in Andong, we did some serious damage at Hahoe Doenjang Maeul, a family-run restaurant serving up some of the best bulgogi we’ve ever eaten. The secret? Homemade doenjang (fermented soybean paste) that the Chung family has been perfecting for over 19 generations. Along with Yeon-Hee Chung, the matriach of the family, we sat […]

  6. Around Seoul: Namsan Tower Locks

    Locks are an international symbol of love. From the banks of the Arno in Florence to Namsan Tower (N Seoul Tower) in Seoul, it’s a widely recognized custom for couples to attach padlocks to public fixtures and throw away the keys to show their love for each other. At Namsan Tower, home to some of […]

  7. Kimchi Chronicles in Korea

    We’ve got some exciting news to share today. Kimchi Chronicles has finally hit TV screens in Korea! You can find it on the Olive Channel. Tell your friends, relatives, and neighbors! If you’re a fan from Korea, we hope you’ll watch it too! It’s English and Korean viewer friendly, with handy subtitles! Happy holidays, The […]

  8. Kimchi Chronicles Holiday Gift Guide

    There’s only five short days left until Christmas, and if you’re like us, there is still some last-minute holiday gift shopping to do. Here’s a few special items we think would be great under any Christmas tree. For the technology fiend: Samsung MV800 Digital Camera, $195 (Amazon): Capture all those special holiday memories with the […]

  9. Social Media and Website Updates

                It’s been an exciting month for the Kimchi Chronicles on the technology front! From new blog features to a detailed travel resource, there are a few changes we’d like to share with you. Here’s a short update! WEBSITE 1. Comments: We now have commenting features on the blog. We’d […]

  10. Kimchi Chronicles Video Contest!

    Love the cooking segments on the show? Imagine yourself as an aspiring food star? You’re in luck because Kimchi Chronicles is launching a video contest this month with exciting giveaways. Here’s the skinny: What? Post a video of yourself cooking one of Marja’s recipes (or something inspired from one!) from the Kimchi Chronicles cookbook. The […]

  11. Guest Blogger, Part I: Lauren Wood

    We’re lucky enough to have Lauren Wood, a budding food blogger and avid traveler, write for us this week. This entry has been long in the making–two years ago, she was traveling in Korea, and happened to meet our executive producer, Charlie Pinsky. Upon striking up a conversation, he invited her to write a guest […]

  12. Guest Blogger, Part II: Lauren Wood

    After Seoul, we boarded a high speed train for Busan, a three-hour cross country trip away. I saw the seemingly endless suburbs of Seoul with high rises lined up like dominos three, four, six deep give way to mountains, rice terraces and gardens. Despite living in a high-tech society, Koreans have a real connection to […]

  13. Kimchi Chronicles Book Signing in Harlem, NY

    Hello readers! The Kimchi Chronicles cookbook has been out for nearly a week, and we hope you’re enjoying the book and all of its delectable recipes. Here’s your chance to get to meet Marja, at an exciting event taking place next week in New York. Next Monday, August 15, from 6-8 pm, Marja will be […]