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  1. Weekly K Roundup: Heejun Han, Korean BBQ chicken, and More

    Amsterdam is now home to a North Korea-themed restaurant. There’s an nine course menu, featuring options like roasted oysters with smoked mackerel, and traditional Korean BBQ. [The Daily Meal] North Koreans who seek refuge in South Korea have found that with asylum comes a slew of other challeneges. [Business Week] Japan is getting involved in […]

  2. Weekly K Roundup: Kimchi Quesadillas, Korean Film Festival, and More

    This intriguing article takes a look at the changing face of North Korea. [Korea Times] D.C.-based Freer Gallery’s Korean Film Festival starts this Sunday and runs through June 13. [Washington City Paper] Snag Chef Roy Choi’s incredibly addictive kimchi quesadilla recipe here. [Gourmet] Todd Park has been officially named the new U.S. Chief Technology Officer. […]

  3. Weekly K-Roundup: Han Heejun, Food Trucks, and More

    Food trucks only seem to rise in popularity, and this comprehensive article gives us some insight about what exactly it takes to get started in the meal mobile biz. [Wall Street Journal] Food shipments to North Korea are to be used as a critical leveraging tool to reopen talks regarding the country’s nuclear program. [Seattle […]

  4. Weekly K-Roundup: South Korea’s Economic Success, Chocolate, and More

    To say that the fate of North Korean defectors is certainly bleak is quite the understatement. (Korea Times) Sisters Frances and Ginger Park opened DC’s first independent chocolate shop roughly 3 decades ago, and it’s still going strong. (Voice of America) There’s been increasing interest in South Korea as a model of economic success. (The […]

  5. Weekly K-Roundup: Kimchi Doughnuts, Kim Jong Il’s Birthday and More

    Kim Jong Il’s 70th birthday, renamed ‘Day of the Shining Star’, was commemorated with a massive parade, complete with international skating show and thousands of “kimjongilia” begonias. (The Guardian) College dining halls, such as the one at Notre Dame, are picking up on the Korean food craze, and adding a few inspired selections to their […]

  6. Weekly K-Roundup: Street artist David Choe, Big Bang World Tour, and More

    Your dose of what’s going on in the world of Korean food and culture, right here. This week, Ahn Cheol-Seo, the founder of South Korea’s most successful software company, announced his plans to launch a nonprofit dedicated towards fighting rampant socioeconomic inequality in Korea. (New York Times) When Korean street artist David Choe painted murals […]

  7. Weekly K-Roundup: Girls Generation on Letterman, Kimchi’s Health Benefits, and More

    Your dose of whats going on in the world of Korean food and culture, right here. Opening a bakery is de rigeur in Korea, especially with the wealthy, which has provoked some furious debate over the nature of entrepreneurship in the country. (The Economist) Kimchi, along with other similar fermented foods such as sauerkraut, is […]