9. The Chicken Chronicles

Beginning in Andong, the spiritual capital of Korea, Marja participates in the area’s festive masked dance ritual and learns about the local salted mackerel before getting into jjimtak, Andong’s real knockout speciality.  Along Chicken Alley, Marja and her adopted cousin April sample tons of the spicy stir-fry made with chicken, noodles and vegetables.  Next Marja hits up Chuncheon for dakgalbi, their famous chicken dish flavored with gochujang, the red pepper paste that informs nearly every Korean dish.  Samgyetang, a fortifying broth with an entire chicken stuffed with sticky rice and lots of garlic and ginger, proves to be real chicken soup for the Seoul.  Finally, Marja gets busy with fried chicken, her favorite food of all time.  At home in New York, Jean-Georges woos Marja with his version of sweet and sticky fried wings and barbequed chicken and Marja shows him her roots with her version of samgyetang.

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