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  1. Korean and Chinese Fusion Cuisine

    Korean and Chinese food fusion has resulted in a few fantastically delicious dishes, most notably, jajangmyeon, jjamppong, and tangsuyuk. These popular favorites are ubiquitous in Korea and Korean communities in the US, with entire restaurants dedicated to serving just these one or more of these dishes. Lines are expected at some of the more popular […]

  2. Food: Korean Buddhist Temple Food

    Temple cuisine is a unique dining experience in Korea. In accordance with Buddhist beliefs, temple food is primarily vegan, with a few guidelines. No artificial seasonings are included, and spices are also used very sparingly. There are 5 taboo vegetables: garlic, scallion, green onion, other onions, and wild rocambole, a type of Korean spring herb. […]

  3. Food: Crew Lunch at Hahoe Doenjang Maeul

    When filming in Andong, we did some serious damage at Hahoe Doenjang Maeul, a family-run restaurant serving up some of the best bulgogi we’ve ever eaten. The secret? Homemade doenjang (fermented soybean paste) that the Chung family has been perfecting for over 19 generations. Along with Yeon-Hee Chung, the matriach of the family, we sat […]

  4. Food: Gejang

    A memorable snack we ate in Korea was gejang, a famous Korean dish of marinated raw crabs. The crabs are soaked in soy sauce and chili peppers, and then left to sit and pickle for days until just the right amount of fermented. One of the best places in Seoul to get your gejang fix […]

  5. Andong: Salted Mackerel

    Andong, the spiritual capital of Korea, is famous for many of its local specialties, from soju, jjimdak (braised chicken dish with vegetables and noodles), sikhye (rice dessert drink), and salted mackerel. Salted mackerel, called gangodeungeo, has enjoyed enduring popularity throughout the years, and is enjoyed as a snack, side-dish, and for mackerel enthusiasts, even a […]

  6. Food: Crew Dinner At Saemaeul Shikdang

    To say that there were a lot of delicious meals while filming Kimchi Chronicles in Korea is a serious understatement. From Jeonju bibimbap to freshly caught seafood in Busan, it’s hard to pick a few favorites. However, one of our first dinners in Korea ranks high on the list. Our inaugural crew dinner was held […]

  7. Food: Marja’s Top 5 Korean Restaurants in NY

    New York is a veritable food paradise, and its Korean food scene far from disappoints. On any given night, Koreatown is bustling with eager diners of all stripes, in search of their next delicious Korean meal. There’s hardly a New Yorker who hasn’t heard of uber-popular Korean foods like Bonchon chicken, bibimbap, and of course, […]

  8. Food: Korean School Food

    In the U.S., snacktime generally consists of juice boxes and the occasional peanut butter and jelly sandwich. In Korea, snacktime is a whole other affair, and upon visiting the Chodang Elementary School, Marja and Diana snacked upon deep-fried rolls made of noodles and carrots wrapped in seaweed. All washed down with some nutty barley tea, […]

  9. Food: Crew Lunch at Doore

    While filming Kimchi Chronicles, we visited a slew of amazing restaurants and consequently, many delicious meals were eaten. From seven minute jjigae at Sehmaeul Shikdang to piping hot street food at Korea’s many outdoor markets, eating in Korea was full of great experiences, but one takes the cake. When it comes to best restaurant in […]

  10. Food: Fried Chicken

    Korean fusion has resulted in some unique and surprisingly tasty culinary innovations, most recently the kimchi taco craze that’s taken the US by storm. Fried chicken, originally imported from the states, has taken over a life of its own the Korean restaurant scene. For fried chicken lovers, Korea is a prime place to visit. Fried […]

  11. Food: Dumplings

    There’s something about dumplings that gets us every time. The crispy skin, the sizzling heat, the delectable fillings…we can’t pick just one reason alone. Korean dumplings, called mandu, have a distinctive and addictive taste all their own. With thinner skin than that of Chinese dumplings and Japanese gyoza, and a variety of ways to eat […]