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  1. 13 Korean Food Trucks We Love

    In the past year or so, Korean fusion has become an insanely popular food trend. It seems that virtually every week, there’s a new truck popping up, serving the latest iteration of kimchi tacos, bulgogi sliders, and other delightful fusion fare. At this rate, there could be a danger of overexposure looming on the horizon, […]

  2. Kimchi Chronicles is on Itunes!

    Tired of waiting for your local station to air the show? Loyal Itunes fan at heart? The day has finally come, and we’re¬†excited to announce that Kimchi Chronicles has finally arrived on¬†Itunes! All 13 episodes are available, and better yet, the first episode, The Kimchi Chronicles Begin, is free. Now you can watch the show […]

  3. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the Kimchi Chronicles website and blog! We’ll be everything from new videos, recipes, travel tips, and even some stories and photos from behind the scenes of the TV show! Please take a minute to check out all the sections of the site and check back for updates! Also check us out on our […]