4. The Seafood Chronicles

Diving into one of the most amazing Korean traditions, Jean-Georges visits with the haenyos of Jeju Island, true mermaids who free-dive for seafood off the rocky coast.  Jean-Georges feasts on fresher-than-fresh sea urchin, a dream breakfast for a world-renowned chef.  Then he enjoys a fortifying seafood stew at Baekrok Haegwon restaurant, a veritable Korean bouillabase abundant with clams and crab.  Marja explores gyejang, another famous crab preparation.  Sampling a version at Gwangjang Market in Seoul, Marja gets the best version at Pro-Gan-Jang-Ge-Jang with her friend Diana. Marja takes the experience home and prepare homemade gyejang and together Marja and JG make Jeju Island-inspired dishes including steamed mussels with seaweed and sea urchin and also a Korean seafood stew.  Lastly, Jean-Georges prepares his iconic crab fritters with a Korean spin.

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