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  1. Andong: Salted Mackerel

    Andong, the spiritual capital of Korea, is famous for many of its local specialties, from soju, jjimdak (braised chicken dish with vegetables and noodles), sikhye (rice dessert drink), and salted mackerel. Salted mackerel, called gangodeungeo, has enjoyed enduring popularity throughout the years, and is enjoyed as a snack, side-dish, and for mackerel enthusiasts, even a […]

  2. Drinks: Coffee Culture

    Over the past few years, coffeehouses have been popping up like crazy all over Korea, and the trend has only been fueled by the uber-popular MBC drama, The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince. Akin to the US’ Starbucks culture, Korea is developing a coffee culture all its own. In Korea, coffee is the new tea. […]

  3. Culture: Korean Hanbok

    While in Seoul, Marja paid a visit to the boutique of renowned designer Lee Young Hee. In the fashion industry, Lee’s name is synonymous with hanbok, traditional Korean dress clothes. Her designs have graced the pages of Vogue and her collections are always eagerly anticipated. She’s one of the major names responsible for introducing hanbok […]