There’s a few rules when it comes to excellent street food. First but not least, it must be delicious. Secondly, it must not break the bank. Thirdly, convenience is of the essence. Thus, in our opinion, the ultimate street food is skewered. It requires the last amount of effort, and maximizes cleanliness and efficiency.

Some vendors we came across while in Korea proved that virtually any food can be put on a stick. Skewered snacks are generally fried or grilled concoctions that run the gamut from sausages, meatballs, and even rice cakes. We’ve seen a truly breathtaking array of skewered snacks to pique any hungry traveler’s fancy. Why bother with cutlery and tableware when you don’t have to? Skewered food is easier, infinitely more fun, and just as tasty.

During production, these were the food of choice. With these easy portable treats, we could hold our lunch in one hand, and then press record with the other! What kinds of skewered foods are your favorite?