We’ve pushed back the deadline for the Kimchi Chronicles Contest to December 31, which means you have much more time to prepare your awesome videos. We think there are many budding chefs out there yet undiscovered, and this is your chance to showcase your talent! In case you’ve forgotten, there are some pretty stellar prizes at stake, from a year’s supply of kimchi, to Cuisinart appliances, and VIP subscriptions to Dramafever (hello kdramas!)

We’ve gotten a few questions about the contest, so here’s a handy list of answers.

Q: Does the video have to be of professional quality?

A: Absolutely not! We’re looking for energy and enthusiasm, above all.

Q: Do I have to make one of Marja’s recipes from the Kimchi Chronicles Cookbook?

A: No, but feel free to either replicate or alter one of her recipes, some of which you can find on the website.

Q: How many videos can I submit?

A: The more, the merrier. Submit away!

Q: How long should the video be?

A: Preferably no longer than 5 minutes. If it’s absolutely essential, we won’t penalize.

Q: What should the format of my video be? How do I post a video response on Youtube?

A: Anything you like! You can check out Marja’s cooking demos on the show for inspiration. Here’s a crash course in all things video response. It’s a cinch, really.

Q: Why does the Youtube contest announcement video say that the contest deadline is December 9?

A: The contest video does say that the deadline has already passed, but we’ve officially extended it. Sorry for any confusion!


Questions? Comments? Let us know by posting on the Kimchi Chronicles Facebook page.