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  1. Kimchi Chronicles Video Contest!

    Love the cooking segments on the show? Imagine yourself as an aspiring food star? You’re in luck because Kimchi Chronicles is launching a video contest this month with exciting giveaways. Here’s the skinny: What? Post a video of yourself cooking one of Marja’s recipes (or something inspired from one!) from the Kimchi Chronicles cookbook. The […]

  2. Drinks: Coffee Culture

    Over the past few years, coffeehouses have been popping up like crazy all over Korea, and the trend has only been fueled by the uber-popular MBC drama, The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince. Akin to the US’ Starbucks culture, Korea is developing a coffee culture all its own. In Korea, coffee is the new tea. […]

  3. Street Food: Gimbap

    Gimbap is essentially the Korean version of sushi, but arguably even tastier. It’s a simple roll made of rice and fillings, all wrapped in dry seaweed. It’s the ultimate street food in Korea, as ubiquitous as hot dogs are in New York. It’s not difficult to see why; it’s the ultimate convenient food-cheap, tasty, and […]

  4. Food: Crew Lunch at Doore

    While filming Kimchi Chronicles, we visited a slew of amazing restaurants and consequently, many delicious meals were eaten. From seven minute jjigae at Sehmaeul Shikdang to piping hot street food at Korea’s many outdoor markets, eating in Korea was full of great experiences, but one takes the cake. When it comes to best restaurant in […]

  5. 5 Questions or Less: Jennifer Flinn Of FatManSeoul

    Jennifer Flinn is a blogger for FatManSeoul, where she chronicles all things food in Seoul. She’s a major player in Korea’s food scene, and we were thrilled to feature her in Kimchi Chronicles. Dining alongside Marja and Diana, she impressed us all with her encyclopedic knowledge of Korean food. Read on for more about some […]

  6. Food: Fried Chicken

    Korean fusion has resulted in some unique and surprisingly tasty culinary innovations, most recently the kimchi taco craze that’s taken the US by storm. Fried chicken, originally imported from the states, has taken over a life of its own the Korean restaurant scene. For fried chicken lovers, Korea is a prime place to visit. Fried […]

  7. Guest Blogger, Part I: Lauren Wood

    We’re lucky enough to have Lauren Wood, a budding food blogger and avid traveler, write for us this week. This entry has been long in the making–two years ago, she was traveling in Korea, and happened to meet our executive producer, Charlie Pinsky. Upon striking up a conversation, he invited her to write a guest […]

  8. Guest Blogger, Part II: Lauren Wood

    After Seoul, we boarded a high speed train for Busan, a three-hour cross country trip away. I saw the seemingly endless suburbs of Seoul with high rises lined up like dominos three, four, six deep give way to mountains, rice terraces and gardens. Despite living in a high-tech society, Koreans have a real connection to […]

  9. 5 Questions or Less: Don Barto Sr. of Soundriven

    The production team consists of the people who helped make Kimchi Chronicles truly happen, and Don Barto Sr., the man in charge of sound production, was an integral part of the group. He runs a company called Soundriven Pictures with his son, Don Barto Jr., and is responsible for making the music and dialogue in […]

  10. Culture: Korean Hanbok

    While in Seoul, Marja paid a visit to the boutique of renowned designer Lee Young Hee. In the fashion industry, Lee’s name is synonymous with hanbok, traditional Korean dress clothes. Her designs have graced the pages of Vogue and her collections are always eagerly anticipated. She’s one of the major names responsible for introducing hanbok […]

  11. Food: Dumplings

    There’s something about dumplings that gets us every time. The crispy skin, the sizzling heat, the delectable fillings…we can’t pick just one reason alone. Korean dumplings, called mandu, have a distinctive and addictive taste all their own. With thinner skin than that of Chinese dumplings and Japanese gyoza, and a variety of ways to eat […]

  12. 5 Questions or Less: Daniel Gray of Seoul Eats

    Daniel Gray of Seoul Eats originally came to Korea simply because he needed a change of scenery, and now he’s running one of the most popular food blogs in Seoul, and even a food communications company too.  Gray’s a true foodie; he makes his living eating food, writing about it, and teaching others about it, […]

  13. Drinks: Marja’s Favorite Banana Milk

      Koreans love banana milk, a phenomenon little known outside of the peninsula. K-pop sensation Girls Generation drink it, kids drink it, adults drink it, and of course, Marja is also a fan. Her favorite drink while filming Kimchi Chronicles was this kid-friendly and delicious beverage. It’s so popular that there’s even a Facebook group […]

  14. 5 Questions or less: Joe McPherson of ZenKimchi

    Joe McPherson is the founder of ZenKimchi, one of Korea’s premier food blogs. ZenKimchi covers the ins and outs of Korea’s gastronomic scene, from restaurant reviews, recipes, recaps of food adventures, and even a handy tip or two for expats. One of Seoul’s biggest foodies, we were thrilled to interview him for our new series. […]

  15. Book Signing and Cocktail Reception in NY

    On Thursday, September 1, from 6:30-8:30 pm, Kimchi Chronicles is holding a book signing and cocktail reception in New York along with KACF. Marja will be signing cookbooks, and taking photos with fans. Come for an evening full of cocktails and Kimchi Chronicles fun. Samsung Experience at the Time Warner Center 10 Columbus Circle, 3rd Level […]

  16. Kimchi Chronicles Book Signing in Ridgefield, NJ

    It’s that time again, Marja will be signing books at the Hmart in Ridgefield, New Jersey this upcoming Sunday, at 3 pm. Come to get your cookbook signed, meet Marja, and even pick up some much needed Korean groceries while you’re at it. We hope to see you all there! Super Hmart 321 Broad Avenue […]

  17. Street Food: Our Favorite Sweet Snacks

    One of the best parts of eating in Korea involves the great outdoors–exploring open-air markets for their vast selection of delicious eats. From dragon’s beard to crispy bindatteeok, there’s just something about street food that hits the spot every time. While filming Kimchi Chronicles, a popular favorite with the cast and crew were the ubiquitous […]

  18. Kimchi Chronicles Book Signing in Harlem, NY

    Hello readers! The Kimchi Chronicles cookbook has been out for nearly a week, and we hope you’re enjoying the book and all of its delectable recipes. Here’s your chance to get to meet Marja, at an exciting event taking place next week in New York. Next Monday, August 15, from 6-8 pm, Marja will be […]

  19. The Kimchi Chronicles: Korean Cooking for an American Kitchen

    Kimchi Chronicles has hit PBS (Public TV stations) nationwide, and we hope you’re loving the series so far.  Now, you can enjoy the recipes featured in the show and many more from the companion book to the series, “The Kimchi Chronicles: Korean Cooking for an American Kitchen”. From Jean-George’s exquisite recipe for ginger fried rice […]