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  1. 5 Questions or Less: Virginie Danglades

    Virgine Danglades is an accomplished editor who prior to working on Kimchi Chronicles, edited for a diverse array of TV projects, from food programs, reality TV shows, to game shows. Some highlights on her resume include Bravo’s Celebrity Poker Showdown, PBS documentary Child Brides, Stolen Lives, among many more. In addition to TV, she’s worked […]

  2. 5 Questions or Less: Diana Kang

    Viewers of the show will recognize Diana Kang, resident food guru and Marja’s dinner date at some of Korea’s tastiest restaurants. Aside from her pivotal role on Kimchi Chronicles, she runs a food marketing company called Wonderbox, where she works with major individuals and corporations in the food world. In short, she knows Korean food […]

  3. 5 Questions or Less: Jennifer Flinn Of FatManSeoul

    Jennifer Flinn is a blogger for FatManSeoul, where she chronicles all things food in Seoul. She’s a major player in Korea’s food scene, and we were thrilled to feature her in Kimchi Chronicles. Dining alongside Marja and Diana, she impressed us all with her encyclopedic knowledge of Korean food. Read on for more about some […]

  4. 5 Questions or Less: Daniel Gray of Seoul Eats

    Daniel Gray of Seoul Eats originally came to Korea simply because he needed a change of scenery, and now he’s running one of the most popular food blogs in Seoul, and even a food communications company too.  Gray’s a true foodie; he makes his living eating food, writing about it, and teaching others about it, […]