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Opening a bakery is de rigeur in Korea, especially with the wealthy, which has provoked some furious debate over the nature of entrepreneurship in the country. (The Economist)

Kimchi, along with other similar fermented foods such as sauerkraut, is good for us in a variety of ways! Here’s to another helping. (Huffington Post)

This article makes a strong case for homemade soups like samgyetang, a popular Korean health food made of chicken, ginseng, and many other nutritious ingredients. (NPR)

Kpop has officially hit US television screens in a major way. Megagroup Girl’s Generation has been making the talk show circuit this week, performing on both Late Night with David Letterman and Live with Kelly. (Koream)

There’s a new talk show about Korean Americans on the air called The Portfolio, which you can check out on The Korean Channel. (The Korean Beacon).

Milk & Mode recreates Marja’s miyuk guk (birthday seaweed soup) recipe on the Kimchi Chronicles blog. (Kimchi Chronicles)