A big thank you to everyone who participated in our first ever Kimchi Chronicles Video Contest! Here are all of the great submissions we received, in no particular order:

thesquishymonster, pajeon

thesquishymonster, yukgaejang

thesquishymonster, grilled steak with kimchi butter

junpower010, kimchi jjigae and japchae

suburbanminimalist, tofu/ kimchi fried rice/broccoli roasted in heavy cream

lakocinera, bulgogi tacos

katsredkitchen, hotteok

samtaeguk, ginger goji georgie cocktail and bean sprout soup

missolive1000, buckwheat noodles

magasauce, manduguk

beastmodetongan704, bulgogi

gapandbuck, grilled chicken sandwich- korean cook off

naru2222, samgyetang

naru2222, jjajanggmyeon

chomplemonde, bindaetteok

foxtytat2gurl, braised chicken with buckwheat noodles

jennyleehogan, marja’s braised chicken/spicy chicken wings/onion rings

jennyleehogan, bbq pork and la kalbi

markzastrow, tteokgogi burgers

zachkowalczyk1, tteokguk