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Jean-Georges and Jisoon Kim at the Five Day Market.

Jeju’s rocky cliffs are a sight worth seeing.

Jeju is Korea’s one island, and has a rich and distinctive culture all its own. Island culture reigns supreme, and Jeju even has its own mermaids, women called haenyos who dive for seafood without any oxygen. Jean-Georges and Marcus swam alongside them, and sampled fresh abalone and sea urchin. Jeju has some truly breathtaking scenery, all rocks, cliffs, beaches, waterfalls, and sky blue waters. Unsurprisingly, water activities and outdoor sports are the most popular activites here.


Baekrok Haegwon
After a long afternoon of diving, Jean-Georges and Magnus enjoyed banchan including kelp with onions and carrots and baby octopus, and then dined on haemul jeongol, a fresh seafood stew at this seaside locale. 


Five-Day Market
This takes the cake as the oldest traditional market in Korea. It’s a great place to pick up produce and experience traditional culture. Jean-Georges checked out its goods with the ‘Julia Child’ of Korea,  Jisoon Kim.

Jeju Folk Village
At this folk village, you can tour traditional houses, watch performances, and even see genuine artifacts. Jean-Georges had a cooking lesson here with Mrs. Kim, and enjoyed a traditional Jeju-style meal complete with buckwheat radish pancakes, kimchi, rice made with millet and barley, and smoked fish.

Amore Pacific Green Tea gardens
One of Jeju’s main exports is green tea, and Marja and Jean-Georges visited Amore Pacific’s beautiful grounds, a veritable paradise of acres of lush green rolling fields.


Podo Hotel
This five-star resort has a world-renowned golf course, and a luxurious spa, which Marja and Chloe loved.


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