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At Haedongsa temple

Andong from above.

Andong is well known for its folk traditions, and is especially famous for its masked dance performers. There’s even a traditional village in the town called the Hahoe Folk Village, where visitors can watch a performance, take a boat ride, and explore Korean life centuries ago. Andong is also well known for its local specialities, including soju, salted mackerel, bibimbap, and most notably, jjimdak, a braised chicken dish with vegetables and noodles.


Hahoe Doenjang Maeul
Marja tried the bulgogi, marinated barbequed beef, at this establishment in the  Hahoe Folk village, where the doenjang, a fermented soybean paste is homemade.

Kkachi  Gumeongjip
This popular restaurant has served Andong-style bibimbap, called heotjesabap,  for over two decades. The dish is topped with traditional ingredients used in ancestral rites, such as several different kinds of bean sprouts, and soysauce instead of gochujang (spicy red pepper paste).

Andong Market
There’s a section in the market called Jjimdak Alley where you can try jjimdak made every which way. Each vendor has their own secret ingredient, and Marja and her cousin April had a great time sampling.


Andong Soju Museum
At this museum, visitors can experience the distillation process, from start to finish. Soju is made, and even sold at the museum. Marja particularly enjoyed seeing a preserved room where Queen Elizabeth celebrated her birthday.

Hahoe Folk Village
You can experience traditional life here, and even see one of Andgon’s famous masked dance peformances. Be a part of the audience, or give it a try yourself, like Marja.


In Andong, there are a slew of hanok style guest houses, which is as authentic as it gets.


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