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Marja strolling on the beach in Busan

Busan’s busy Nampodong Market.

Busan holds the titles of Korea’s port city and second largest city. Located at the southeastern tip of the peninsula, it has a beautiful beach, and of course, an amazing array of fresh, local seafood. Marja ate her way around the city, and then some. She and Heather toured the CJ factory and saw how instant rice is made. They even got a lesson in tteok (rice cake) making at Saimdang Tteok.


Dongnae Halmae Pajeon
Busan is famous for its pajeon (scallion pancake), and Marja and Diana ate at this premier establishment, where they’ve been perfecting the art of pajeon for over four decades.

Gaegum Milmyeon
Paejeon aside, Busan’s also famous for milmyun, a cold wheat noodle soup, which Marja and Diana tasted here.


Jalgachi fish market
This is Korea’s premier fish market, and incidentally, also its largest one. Most of the fish sellers are women, and there’s even name coined just for them, jalgachi ajumma.

Nampodong Street Market
This market is a great place to shop for everything from traditional craft goods to cutting edge fashion, and Marja and Heather spent quite some time here.


Western Chosun Hotel
This branch of the Western Chosun Hotel has a prime location along the beach, which Heather and Marja took full advantage of. Think long walks and beautiful sunsets, the ultimate cliche.


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